Our delicious soy melts are a great alternative to candles or to test out some fragrances before you decide which candle you would like to purchase.

Just select your fragrance!


80g (6 melts total) of scented natural soy wax in resealable plastic packaging


Instructions for Use

Simply pop 1-2 melts into a tealight or electronic burner and enjoy the delicious fragrance.

The fragrance will burn off before the soy wax evaporates so when you can no longer notice the fragrance, scrape out the remaining wax and replace with new melts.



  • Intrigue (Peach and Peony Blossom) A floral medley with sugary lemon and sweet peach nectar, and a base of vanilla, amber and patchouli.
  • Weird (Raspberry and Vanilla) An explosion of summer raspberries and vibrant citrus swirled with rich, creamy vanilla.
  • Peculiar (Strawberry Punch) A fruitful toss of cherry & peach sliced with sugared pink grapefruit then blended into a tropical sensation. Sweetened by strawberry pulp & vanilla.
  • Curious (Lychee and Peony) An Asian inspired fruity-floral fragrance blending the delicate freshness of lychee with the subtle softness of Peony.
  • Crazy (Orange Flower and Coconut) A soft summery musky floral with a kick of zingy orange peel. Notes of pineapple and melon, along with coconut & vanilla.
  • Bizarre (Citrus + Sage) This is my new recommendation as a 'kitchen candle' its a delicious citrusy mix with earthy fragrances of eucalyptus, lavender and sage combine.

Soy Melts