Sensual, Sophisticated and sure to be a favourite; This gorgeous charcoal salt bar won't stick around for long (you need to get some before I use it all :))

Why Salt Bars??!!

*They are harder and last longer = Better value for money!
*The scent is stronger
*They produce less soap scum
*They have 20% 'free floating' oils - which is mostly coconut and butters (like Shea or Cocoa)
*They are naturally antibacterial - say bye bye to body odour (great to use in addition to a natural deodorant) and acne
*They are not exfoliating - unless an exfoliating additive is added (like pumice, or apricot shell etc)
*They are packed with natural nutrients and minerals :)

This one is made with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Castor Oil, it has a little bit of Charcoal to help detox the skin, and has a mix of sea salt and pink himalayan salt, and did I mention is smells GORGEOUS!!

approx 90grams

Each bar is hand crafted in our kitchen overlooking our boutique olive grove in North Canterbury. Our products contain our very own organic olive oil that is harvested by hand, with the aim of providing the best quality, natural products on the market. Our skincare is environmentally friendly, and it works!

Salt Bar - Amber Noir & Charcoal